No matter what your title is, we are ALL in the business of business development – every day.

Not everyone enjoys the challenge of building a pipeline of clients and keeping it full, but at Business Developers 360TM – we love it!  And we teach YOU how to strategically, systematically and enjoyably accomplish it!

Our workshops, webinars and continuing education series teach the fundamentals of business development with a holistic, 360-degree vision and leverage individual personalities, skills and resources.


BUSY-ness” does not produce predictable customer acquisition and sales results.

At Business Developers 360TM, we believe that it takes an aligned, engaged team with clear direction, accountability and understanding of each member’s contribution to the business, to attract the right clients and keep them.

We will help your team find their True North and work together to maximize individual strengths and success for your company.


An up-to-date business development strategy is the compass heading for every organization. Without a clearly articulated business development strategy, Marketing and Sales activities are random acts of ‘best guesses for now’.  

Resources are wasted and clients are confused. People and processes can contradict, resulting in lost time, money and reputation.

Business Developers 360TMsupports leaders to share their vision and goals company wide, to engage management and teams, and leverage internal and external resources for success!

Don’t chase. Be followed.

No matter your title, we are ALL in the business of business development – every day.  Learn how to develop and leverage your own style for success with confidence!

Participate in our workshops & webinars and take away proven, implementable and scalable practices and techniques to build your business systematically - without feeling pushy, frazzled, or out of integrity.

Learn hands on from Business Developers 360TM  founders, Isabel Banerjee and Wendy Cracchiolo, who each built million dollar+ businesses from the ground up, did it different than “the boys” and received multiple awards for their 360-degree strategic business development visions.

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Learn how to leverage your personal style and strengths to grow your business, sales and profits your authentic way!